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Just ordered a noisetrapper revelation II outlet strip

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 I have been using a wire mold strip for quite a while but it just went bad and the breaker will not reset.So I was looking for a possible replacement for it and possibly something better.I checked out some of them on the net including a  replacement for my wiremold outlet strip.I saw some positive reviews of the noisetrapper outlets.Specifically the nana outlet recommended by naim to use with their equipment.I had orginally intended to buy their basic integrity model but after talking to cable pro I decided to spring for their midline revelation II outlet strip with some of the upgrades.I opted for the spike protection,the noise suppression treatment and the upgraded furutech iec input.I stopped short of the wiring upgrade thinking that the standard ofc wiring with teflon insulation was sufficient for my needs.

   It was shipped today and I am waiting for its arrival.I hope to make observations of its performance compared to my old failed wiremold outlet strip.Of course they will have to be from memory since my wire mold strip went south on me.I had read that for the most part people had found the noisetrapper outlet strips to be generally superior to the wiremold offerings.

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 Well I received my new revelation II outlet strip just in time for the new year.The build quality of this strip looks to be more of a utilitarian ruggedness type.The type you might see in professional equipment very industrial looking.

  I hooked up my onkyo cs5vl sacd/cd player and my burson ha-160 headphone amp to it and powered them up.I used  a emotiva power cord to the revelation outlet strip.On the onkyo player I used another emotiva power cord.On the burson I used a nordost brahma power cable.I have a hifi tuning gold fuse in the onkyo player ansd a hifi tuning supreme fuse in the burson headphone amp.I am initially using my akg 701s to assess the properties of the outlet strip as compared to the wire mold 8 outlet strip that went bad on me.

 I am doing this from memory because the wire mold strip circuit breaker will not reset.

  My initial impression is one of more resolution.I have only played a couple of cds so far and at least initially the revelation is already a fair amount more resolute than the wire mold strip.I am hearing a more developed soundstage things seem more quiet and with that quietness more low level information as well.The dynamics are also more developed than with the wire mold strip.

  I know the revelation is a lot more expensive but I am already perceiving a big step up in performance that already seems to justify the steep price jump.

  I read somewhere that it takes a hundred hours of break in time before it settles fully in.I am curious how much better things will get but I am already satisfied with the revelations performance for the 432 usd it cost me.

 If I get a chance I will try to make further observations and opinoins of the revelation IIs performance while it breaks in.

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 Well it has been two and a half days and things are getting better still.The bass is getting better and things are sounding more dynamic.The noise floor level is so quiet that I am hearing a lot more level detail that was beeing masked by my old wire mold outlet strip.Recordings sound so much more analog like now.Those subtle little things on recordings are now fleshed out.The revelation II power strip is like a key to unlock the potential of anything that you plug into it.The strip has spike protection but I cannot hear any of the clamping effects that strips using MOVS  have on the sound.The sound is unbridled and with no limiting at least that I can hear.My old wire molld strip had no MOVs but compared to the rev II strip it still had a editorial effect on the sound compared to the rev II.

 I have to try my other components on the new strip but if they improve to the extent that my onkyo sacd/cd player and my burson headphone amp it will probably be amazing sounding.Well back to more listening.So far for the most part all the cds that I have played sound much more resolute.Of course as countless people have said before me that resolution increase exposes bright and or bad recordings to a greater extent which might make some of them less desirable to listen to.But the strip is not adding any artifacts on its own it is just more revealing and neutral.

 But by and large at least on the recordings that I have played so far I like very much the effect that the revelation II has had on my system.I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality outlet strip.At 432 usd it is not inexpensive but compared to other solutions that can cost anywhere from a thousand dollars and up it as least attainable for most people.

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 Well it is now three and a half days since I hooked up my system with the cable pro revelation II power outlet strip and at this point my burson ha-160 amp has never sounded like it does now.The change in performance of the burson amp and the onkyo cd player is anything but subtle.Things have progressed a bit more dynamically and the bass is still getting better since my last thread which was a day ago.I just got though playing the naim true stereo cd sampler and it sounded just amazing.The transient performance is better than it ever has been before and the soundstage presentation is impressive.This is a great cd and really demonstrates how good the naim recordings are.My akg 701 phones have never sounded better either the burson is a pretty good amp for driving them(of course the nordost brahma power cord does help though way over the top for an amp that cost me 700 usd when I bought mine).I had been entertaining the notion of getting something better but the burson sound so good now that I do not think I will at least for a while.

  Well time for some more listening.I still have to run the revelation II strip in  at least for another day till I get to the one hundred hour mark that cable pro says is the minimun break in time.I will be posting further assessments as the break in process continues.

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 Well it is now close to 7 days since I hooked up my burson 160 to the revelation II outlet strip.Things are still improving yet.The bass has settled in pretty nicely and the midrange is filling out nicely.At this point I never thought my ha-160 could sound this good but it does.I think I will be using it for quite a while it sounds that good.The designer ted had mentioned the strip takes between one hundred to two hundred hours to fully break in.Based on what I am hearing in the break in process he was right on.I will try to make further assessmants still until the prescribed breakin process period is completed.I do not now how much better things will get but at this point I am ecstatic about this purchase it just may be the most effective item to improve sound that I have ever heard.To anyone considering spending even outrageous amounts on power cables I would consider investing in a cablepro revelation II outlet strip I think your investment would be much better spent.For one the considerable benefits of this strip are passed on to whatever is plugged into it.I was so impressed with the strip that I have ordered one of cable pros power cords.I ordered a reverie power cord which according to ted the designer at cablepro uses the same internal wiring as in the revelation II.This should be interesting to see how much further things can improve if used  to feed the strip.At present I am using a emotiva 6ft power cord to feed the revelation II and it is working wonderfully well.Well it is time for some more listening.



            post script for the record every cd that I have played for the most part have sounded a lot better than they ever have in my set up.Of course bad recordings still sound bad but I have largely played good sounding recordings.

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 Well it is now in the eleventh day and the strip has fully settled in from what I am hearing.This strip is a wonderful tweak and as I had mentioned previously,it has been the most effective power tweak that I have ever heard in my set ups.The reverie power cord has been in around two days now and seems to have somewhat of the same characteristics as the revelation II outlet strip.But I have to say the outlet strip made a bigger difference I feel because it passes the strips considerable improvements onto everything that is plugged into it.

  The one thing that I feel it most beneficial is the musical naturalness that this strip brings to your system.Some tweaks try to bludgeon you with boldness but the revelation II conquers you with refinement, silence(as in noise level),clarity and a musical naturalness that once you hear it is very  addictive to listen to.My system now sounds a lot more accomplished that sounds much more refined with much better clarity a more spacious presentation.

   Things now sound much more analog like with much less of the digital edge that more aggressive sounding tweaks can bring to your set up.

But when I say that this tweak is less aggressive sounding I am not saying that it is less resolute.If anything it is more resolute because it does not leave any sound signature on the sound you get from it.

    In all I am very happy with the performance of the revelation II outlet strip and I IMHO can recommend it to anyone who values refinement, clarity, silence, and soundstage among their preferences for sound.

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