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Going to buy new head/ear phones

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Hello everyone,


I own an Ipod classic 160GB from 2008. All my mp3 files are in 256kps, and i mostly listen to death and progressive metal, as well as some prog rock and blues. 


I want to buy a new set of head or earphones, and i have been looking at forums, review sites etc. 


My list has narrowed down to:



grado sr60 or 80
sennheiser hd25-1 ii
sennheiser px 200-ii
sennheiser cx985 
The sennheiser hd25 are the most expensive ones, but i understand they are really good and dont need an amp. I am willing to spend that money if its really worth it, if not, lots of people seem to agree on the fact that the grados are the best ones in terms of quality/price for a small device such as an ipod and for the quality of my mp3 files. 
I used to own a pair of sennheiser cx300 II, which i think were really good, but they broke down in 10 months. That is why i included the cx985, as they have a metallic core or something. 
Please help me, i am looking to make a good long term investment here.
Thanks a lot
ps: just head/earphones, dont want to buy an amp

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go with the sennheiser hd-25 ii's i own a pair and i found they sound very good with metal and deathcore which is what i use them for they have a really loud and clear sound but u might want an amp for them (fiio e6) the grado's leak too much and youll be dissatisfied unless you only use them at home

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you might also think about the audio technica ath-m50 ive had them for 2 years and they still look and work like new the cord is in there ridicoulously tight so there is no way the cord is coming out unless you cut it and the sound is the most balanced ive heard under 200 dollars they are 115 on amazon for the holidays

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HD25, M50 have wayyy too much bass for your music taste
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Thanks a lot for your help guys, it looks like i ll be going for the hd 25. they are solid and will last years right?

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+ Isolation
+ Durability
+ Easy to repair (every part is user replaceable)
+ Easy to drive - any mp3-player should do the job just fine
+ Will not fall off your head even if you, when home alone, decides to jump up and down in your bed while headbanging your brains out
+ Lots of options if you are in to modifying/personalizing


- Strong clamping force, some find it uncomfortable
- Not foldable
- Due to the split headband and rotatable cub they need some adjustment every time you put them on in order to get the perfect fit

- Made of plastic, looks like plastic and feels like plastic

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Also, for real, do i really need to buy an amp for the hd25? is it really really necessary?

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Thanks for the input Arbakadarba

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Originally Posted by randomkid View Post

HD25, M50 have wayyy too much bass for your music taste

music taste doesn't always equate to a sound signature preference.  I like my blues to have a decent amount of bass to it.  those string instruments benefit from a lot of tone IMO.  plus you can EQ bass out a lot easier than in from my experience.  He said he had a cx300 and liked it.  those are fairly bass heavy if I remember right. 

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I use them as my main portable headphone with iPod Touch 4th gen, and I do not bother with an amp. I have the Fiio E6 (and L3), but for me the Fiio does just as good of a job laying on the shelf at home...collecting dust.

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He is right

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thanks again arba! thanks idvsego. thanks a lot crimson, thanks random kid!

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