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For Sale: FS: Cavalli Liquid Fire (SN # 18)

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For Sale:
FS: Cavalli Liquid Fire (SN # 18)

Will Ship To: CONUS

Its hard to do this, but I'm putting my Cavalli Liquid Fire (S/N #18) up for sale. It's in excellent condition, includes extra goodies (dust cover, dummy plug, instruction manual, extra set of JJ tubes, and tube dampers), and has ~1000 hours on it, so it is completely burned-in.


This amp is incredible, as it adds texture and depth to the bass while simultaneously adding air to the music, expands the soundstage, separates well, all the while sounding very organic. This amp is such a good pairing with the LCD2 that it completely cured my case of "upgraditis", so much so that I haven't really looked at head-fi for the past year. Finally, the LF  is well known as being an amp that pairs extremely well with the LCD2, something which I can attest to. 


I wish I could hold on to this amp, but I have to sell it for two reasons. The first is that I just had a son and I could use the extra money for baby clothes, toys, etc…Second, I don't have a lot of free time to listen to music anymore, so I feel the LF deserves to be in a better home where it will receive more attention. 


I'm asking for SOLD, which is $*************** less than retail. The next run will not be available until February or March, so now is your chance to get the amp early and for a good price.


Please, serious inquiries only


The amp will ship in the original packaging via UPS to anywhere in the CONUS. Buyer pays shipping


Paypal only


If you have any questions, please PM me.

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