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For Sale: Denon LA-D2000's

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For Sale:
Denon LA-D2000's

Will Ship To: CONUS

SOLD/Better pictures below!LA D2000's!!! Huge price drop!!! The real deal. No stock parts left on and all the work done by the legandary mark lawton himself. They have hawaiian koa wood cups, angle pads, and a 2.5 meter copperone cable with 1/4" furutech plug and mark's 3 hr. labor intensive driver tune. The stock headphone was purchased nib from mark, not a refurb. I really love these headphones but have recently fallen on hard times and my loss will definitly be someone else's gain. I bought these from mark durring his summer 2012 d2000 sale in early july. I recieved them in early september. I paid $930 for them and that was with a 20% off discount from mark. I heard these were supposed to come a C.O.A. from mark but I never recieved one. I do have all my email's to and frow and would be willing to give whoever some info. about myself so they can contact mark via email and confirm that the work was done by him. I did recieve the d2000 box from mark. I have used them 250 hrs. over the last 5 months and they only have a few scratches on the headband. They have also been sitting on a woo audio headphone stand when not in use. I have listened to a stock D7k and tried to get one but unfortunatly barely missed out on all the sub $700 deals. These are def. better than a d7K. All of the main parts are of higher quailty excpet the driver and thats debateable to me after mark's tune. I just recently saw a stock nib d-5000 go for $750 on ebay.  Thank you for reading. 

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Pictures and pricedrop now to $750. Also forgot to mention they come with a beyer ziploc leather headband pad with velcro strap holdons. $29 xtra. for free. BUMP!!

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So uh, I met up with antimatter and got to listen to these for a bit.. These are indeed the real deal guys.

Easily the best bass-enhanced pair of headphones I have listened to. Denons are the only bass-enhanced headphones that I actually enjoy listening to. They just do it right, without messing up anything else. These headphones really do impress. If I had the spare cash I probably would have added them to my collection. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a collector and I'm pretty much broke. Yeah, I really kinda want these suckers..

Anyhow, here are some better pics that I snapped for antimatter to hopefully help with the sale. I hope no one minds my mini-review, I just felt compelled to back up the quality of these beautiful headphones.

Feel free to make use of these however you see fit antimatter and best of luck with the sale :)






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Thank you chris I appreciate the kind words. Last and final price drop. I haven't heard these with my new stride amp till chris and dave came over, they sound way better than with my ultimat cmoy to the point where I'm thinking about keeping them...but if somebody has the cash I'm still down. Firm on price but will cover paypal and shipping.

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They're beautiful, good luck with the sale.  I'll own me a pair one day....

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So I took a look at the for sale forum today cause these have been up here a while. There's quite a few denon's but this headphone is by far and away the best deal at $675 and it's a no brainer if your looking at the old denon line.

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Hey did you get my email?
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Payment sent. Waiting for cans to arrive!

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Received and extremely happy. Thanks Antimatter!

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