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Aune DAC/Headphone Amp Problem :(

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Bought one of these DAC/Headphone Amps a few weeks ago from a private seller:



Everything worked wonderfully until today when I noticed that only one channel was working on the USB/SPDIF  (Digital) side over the headphones and out from the RCAs.  However the Analog side is working fine with a source attached to the Analog RCA pots.


Any idea what could have gone wrong?  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.



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I am having the same problem with you with my Aune unit, but mine is the Aune T1. It has channel imbalance as the left channel is considerably louder than the right.


If you have the same problem with me then the faulty part would probably be the DAC. The amp part of the DAC + amp is working flawlessly, but if used as just DAC or DAC + amp the channel imbalance will be present again.


You should return it for a warranty ASAP. I didn't because I can't be bothered to ship it all the way to China. I've messed with the channel balance setting in the windows sound properties and adjusted the levels. and all set.




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I had a similar problem with my Teradak - it turned out to be a problem with the driver software. I downloaded a new driver, and it worked perfectly.
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Fixed the problem..... Opened the aune and notice the opamp was not completely pushed down into the socket. Also noticed that it wasn't the 2134 in there. It is the LF 353 frown.gif
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