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Hey if you ordered your u18 through grant fidelity, did you spend the 75 bucks for the extra power cable? Or, do you just use the USB and save the cash?
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I think you mean external PSU?

I did purchase the external PSU. Computers are noisy sources for power. The linear power supply is nice and quiet. For the price it is a worthwhile investment if only for the peace of mind knowing you have eliminated a potential weak link in the chain by bypassing the computer power. I have posted lots of info on the U18 forum here on headfi. Pictures of the external power supply are there.

You can always order the PSU at a later date. The U18 does not sound "bad" without it.
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Good to know thanks man.  smily_headphones1.gif

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The P18 is doing an excellent job, out here on location, of quieting down the usual background noise associated with the "generated" power we use.  I have a Lynx Hilo, Yulong D18 and Yulong A18 all being powered through the P18.  The background is dead quiet.  A significant change from not using the P18.

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If I use a surge protector is it safe the plug the P18 into that? Or should the P18 have it's own socket coming from the wall?

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The P18 runs fine plugged into a surge protector.  Make sure the surge protector is in good working order.  Also make sure it is of decent quality so as not to choke out the demands of the P18.  Electrical current demands, of course, will depend on what you have plugged into the P18.  DAC's and headphone amps draw not too much power.  A strong power amp for a 2 channel system might be too much.  See the full description for the P18 on the Grant Fidelity website regarding power limits for the P18:



I currently have my P18 plugged into 1 of these:



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