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Quote, "The Cambridge D 500 is a CD player aimed to the beginner audiohile, someone who wishes to build a good sounding system without mortgaging his house for the second time. This player is not something built in the backyard as some UK-made audiophile components of the Eighties. No, this is a well designed and made product, something built to last. Though designed and engineered in the UK, the D500 - to cut manufacturing costs - is actually made in PRC, that is Popular Republic of China.


Technically, the D 500 is a player which makes use of a Delta-Sigma D/A conversion, good Sony transport and servos, a solid power supply and a good analog output stage. It sports two digital outputs, one electrical (with a BNC) and one optical (TosLink), gold-plated RCA output connectors, a detachable power cord (with IEC outlet!) though no phone output is available.
The writings in the rear panel are "upside-down" so that they are clearly readable when looking at the rear from above, as we always do.

The front panel is minimalist though a touch of finesse is given by the usual (very Cambridge-style) jog-dial knob that allows track skipping, fast forward, progressive track selection etc.)
A great care has been taken in order to reduce jitter (claimed to be better than 180 ps. - weighted mode) and to improve signal/noise ratio (claimed to be 110 dB).

The Cambridge D500 also offers a complete remote control and four feet with internal soft-rubber core, good to reduce vibrations.

The CD player has a standard size (43 x 30 x 8 cm) and a reasonable weight, the quality of the crafsmanship is good."