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I am going to buy a new set of headphones and hope that you can help me decide which ones to go for.


They will be used mainly for listening to music at home, and for gaming. The music is mainly rock and metal from the last 40 years. The gaming will be RPGs but also a little FPS. At home the source will be an Audiotrak Prodigy Cube external usb soundcard.


In addition I will also bring them to uni sometimes for listening to music from my laptop while writing. Because of this, I think a closed design will be preferable.


I once had some Sennheiser 2xx series headphones, they were ok but had too much bass imo. They broke a few years ago and after that I have used some different crappy headsets and in ear headphones.


After reading a lot of different reviews on the internet, I think that the Sony MDR-ZX-700 or Sennheiser HD439 will fit my needs, but which ones are best? or should I consider other options?


I live in Denmark and therefore have to buy from Europe. If i buy from overseas there will be 25% VAT and a fee of 28 usd.


The Sony MDR-ZX-700 and Sennheiser HD439 both cost about 125 usd here.

The popular Audio-Technica ATH-M50 is at least 160 usd which is too expensive.

The Sennheiser 5xx and 6xx series are also too expensive.

The  Grado SR-60i is about 150 usd, so only a bit more expensive, and could be considered, but I have read that you either love or hate them, and I don't have the option to try before I buy.