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Advice about colorfly C3 please wont play 24 bit wav..

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Hi Everyone

I've just purchased a Colorfly C3 and really loving it..... but one problem has emerged I've not seen on any threads yet -my C3 will not play 24 bit wav (says play error!) although it is advertised to do so. It came with the latest firmware, but anyway wondered if anyone else has found this problem?

A second question is whether this is much of a big deal - do you think I would notice any difference if I just converted to 16 bit wav or flac instead?

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Hi how about converting on your current systrm and seeing for yourself if you can hear any difference? If you can't it'll save you a lot of angst:D mine is on it's way and I am going to be happy if I get anything approaching good sound when compared to my imod/hornet combo.
Good sound should be easily achievable on 16/44 given a good recording. I have spent far too long trying to buy hi res recordings in this country. I am just concentrating on enjoying cd quality better than I've ever thought it could sound smily_headphones1.gif
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Are your files over 24/48? That's the limit. 24/96 should not play.

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Thanks - I've now decided I'm not fussed about this issue having spent the last two days just really enjoying the Colorfly - it has a lovely warm and crisp sound, whether through my grado headphones or through the aux port of an Arcam rcube) noticeably better than my old ipod 5.5 (even with fiio E11 attached) and I like its simple elegance of design (it was even quite fun trying  to second guess the controls as it came only with chinese instructions!). I'm sure you will really like it!


Also (and I imagine this is an old chestnut in hifi circles) I've come to the conclusion that the whole 24 bit thing maybe a bit of a red herring (at least for me with my ears). Read an interesting 'scientific' take on this here: http://people.xiph.org/~xiphmont/demo/neil-young.html

- do realise its only one opinion. 

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Nice paper.  A bit dense to slog through, but I think he made his point.  I still hold that we like what we like, and the "quest" should be to find the equipment that sounds "best" to us.  It might not to YOU, but it does to ME.  I use 16-bit FLACs, and have for years.  When I had to use WAV, in iTunes, I did (I also used Apple Lossless), but anything other than that was FLAC.  I make CDs with them, and I make DVD-Audios for my car with them.  And now I use them with my C3.  Sounds good to me.  :)

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If you have iTune, you can convert your original audio track from CD to wav.
Those wav has no problem with C3.
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True.  But I simply re-ripped my CDs to FLAC to be sure everything was clean and uncorrupted.  I use XLD with a Mac, it works fine.  

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