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sorry if this is in the wrong place but iv just this second joined. 


over the last 6 or so months iv gone through 5 pairs of headphones and am after a new set.


iv narrowed it down (so far) to soundmagic's PL50's and Brainwavz R1's


the primary use of them will be for in the gym and i listen to heavy metal (hence my choice of name :D) 


after looking around at various places i have noticed a common trend saying that the pl50's lack a bit of bass, not great for a metal head but the reviews still say they are still great all round. More reviewing and the opposite is said for the r1's saying they are very strong with bass and still being an excellent choice.


i would just like some opinions on other peoples choices baring in mind my demand and also suggesting other models.


any help is greatly appreciated 




p.s  please bare in mind i live in the uk so alot of the models u get in the u.s we probably dont over here and i dont want to spend no more than £45