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do i need a sound card?

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Hello everyone. I have a question that for some reason, I can't find an answer to, no matter how much google/forum searching I do.

So I have decided to make an account here to see if someone could answer it.

The question being. Do I really need a sound card for the headset/phones I would like to get (sennheiser pc 360 or the AD700). Right now i have a z77 extreme4 mobo which has a realtek ALC898. Now ive done research and from what i have seen is that people with xonar essence stx card can easily use those headsets.

However i found this post http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1910718 and by the look of it, the ALC898 isnt that much worse(?) then the xonar stx. So do i really to get a card if they are that close?

Keep in mind i will using the headset/phones for 85% pc gaming 5% music & 10% movies.

If i do need a sound card, could someone please recommend me one.

By the way. I'm very new when in comes to this audio stuff. I've never spent more then 60 on a headset, And i have only been reserching for about a day lol.

Also sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes. Im uzing tablet to type all this out :P

Thanks to anyone who replies with something helpful
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Shameful self bump
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Well a soundcard will offer better sound quality and features, is that what you were looking for?

You already know it will...buy it and enjoy or go with an external DAC/amp and enjoy.


Onboards are truly dismal for sound quality in comparison to a modern soundcard.

If you grab an STX you also have the added feature of being able to tune it with opamps to get good synergy with your cans or speakers.

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Well i guess a sound card would be a good idea. But now i need to know is does it matter if i get some like a 30$ or more like in the 100$ range and would it really be worth that extra $ compared to the built in one
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Even a $30 entry level card will give you gains over an onboard. However, I would grab a good card with great sound quality and good features set.

If not, you will just wonder what the better cards are like, it is your money though.  Buy whatever your budget permits.

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