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From what I hear audio wise the 1RBT is better but the parrot ziki has a better UI...
I'd get the BT as they sound really good and as far as I can remember from when I used them they sounded very close to the 1R..

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Originally Posted by Warks View Post

Hello there,

I'm new in this forum.

I have a MDR-1RBT for christmas.
It worked fine with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S2).
But with Windows 7 Ultimate, I can only listen, the mic have a bug :

When I enable the mic (Mono Audio Mic) in win 7, and I loopback the mic to speaker, the speaker muted...
I see the volume bar change, (green variation) in this speaker so, I think windows send sound (mic) to the speaker but the headset doesn't play it..

If I disable the mic, I can listen sounds and musics again...
I don't know what is the problem, I've try to switch my Bluetooth USB Dongle 2.1 to a 3.0 USB Dongle, same things...

Do you have this problem ?


(sorry for my bad english, I'm French)

Did you find a solution for this?


I'm in the market for a dongle but it would almost be a dealbreaker if the mic can't work (teamspeak user)

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well I went and got myself this one




and works like a charm :)

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I've had hd201 for a long time, which i really enjoyed. I also have had sennheiser 590 (or simular name).


So i wanted to buy a bluetooth head-phone and this seems like a god pick...

-fit: they clamp much harder then hd201 and thus are way less comfrotable

-noise canceling (passive). feels like wearing construction gear. It literally enclose so much sound outside which is really bad. 


I want:

-No noise-canceling (passive/active whatsoever)

-closed, no leakage




Is there any other good alternatives? 

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I upgraded mdr1rbt mk2 to mdr1abt.

It seems to allow more noise from outside. Definitely doesn't block outside noise all that well. But when you increase the volume, this isn't seems to be much of a worry. (Apart from your hearing), but seems the sound signature is alright to listen at higher volume (doesn't get too faitguing).

Have a try. smily_headphones1.gif

Personally I stick with Sony because at this moment in the their Bluetooth performance is best in class. BT Range, reliability, battery life.

Apart from Sony mdr1abt.

Sennheiser momentum wireless (has noise cancelation, ear cup is not fully full size/over ear)
Sennheiser urbanite XL (no noise cancelation)
B&O H7 (wireless, no noise cancelation, over ear, block outside noise very well though)

Have you try on-ear?
Seems that is more along the line of what you are after.

Momentum on-ear wireless
B&O H8

Note: Most of the noise cancelling headphone has switch off function.
Most over ear headphone provide a fair degree of passive noise isolation.

Perhaps what you are after is more along the line of earbud?
Plantronic back fit go?
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