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Looking For $25 Over Ear Headphones

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I know that I can't get much for 25 bucks but I'm looking for the best quality for my money. I have 24.50 left on my amazon account so I can't really do much more. If needed, I can add my Credit card for an extra few bucks but I just want a cheap pair. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Well... you could look into the monoprice DJ headphones:




they're about $28... I haven't heard them myself but people have said good things about them (you may wanna do some research), especially for its price. With tax its a bit over your budget but its the only thing I can think of so :P. 


Oh I just though of the Panasonic rp htf600 those have been heavily recomended recently and some people have described it as "the new m50" if you will. You can do some research on those too. They're a bit more expensive at $30.36


PS new m50 as in hyped... not necessarily bad (I have a pair of m50s and they really aren't as bad as people say)

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I've had a couple of pairs of sennheiser hd202's that I have enjoyed. Those run in that neighborhood.
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