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Hello there, I am looking to buy a pair of closed headphones that will go well with my NuForce Icon HDP amp. After looking around through a couple of "closed headphones" threads, here on the Head-Fi forums, I have my eye on a few pairs, although I am not quite sure which would fit me best. I am new to enthusiast level sound, so please bear with me here. I listen to mostly all genres of music, from classical to dubstep, so I would love some sort of balance. For example bass, I want to feel it, but I also want it to be authentic, not just rumbling in my ear. I do not have the terminology to specify what kind of Mids and Highs I would like, so all I will say is balanced. My budget is around the 300 dollar mark, however I can go up to 400 if need be. Home use, by the way, so aesthetics do not matter much. Comfort, which includes size, does matter somewhat (I have a medium-large head, average ears) 


Here are a couple pairs that caught my eye (please tell me what you think):

Shure SRH940

Audio-Technica ATH-A900X Closed-Back Dynamic Headphones-Black (Or Wooden, what is the difference?)


Some that I am not quite sure on:

AKG K550 (some bad reviews)

Ultrasone PRO 900 (some bad reviews)

Denon AH-D5000/D7000 (price)


All suggestions are welcome, 

Thank you. 

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