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Help me blow my Christmas money on some cans! DT990? Ultrasone 900 2900?

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Hey guys I made a thread a few months back here and ended up kinda waiting till I was in a better financial position.

I am using some AT AD700s and I love how crisp they are but the bass and low end is just to recessed for my tastes. I really wanna get a great set of cans that are going to blow my mind. I mostly will be using them with my Ti-HD sound card in my main rig. But may be used with some analog classic home stereo stuff on occasion.


I really like headphones that sit over the ears rather than on them. My AD700s are great that way.


I know alot about car stereos and in home stuff but nothing about headphones really.


Last time I had kinda parked on some DT990s 250OHM cans. I just wanted to make sure before I pulled the trigger I shouldn't take a look at Ultrasone 900 2900? Or some other brand.


I mostly listen to anything but country. Mostly 80s and Electronica stuff but can bounce around alot.


Just really want a good do it all can that is going to give me great audio quality. And I wont have to wonder if I didnt get the right one haha.


I also know the law of diminishing returns for money spent. I dont wanna spend double just to get a small difference.


Thanks for any help!

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Any chance you can get to a store and demo them?
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I cant find anywhere close to me that isnt like 2 hours away to do that. The one place I called only had like 1 pair of Ultrasones and 2 pairs of Grados or something.


I really like the AD700s once I adjusted to them. Just the lack of bottom end kills me.

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Guess any other brands I should look at feel free to point them out.


Also am I better off going with something like the DT990 and getting a headphone amp? JDS Labs?

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I'm not a fan of beyer in general, so I'll basically leave that alone.

That said, I think the PRO2900 are a very good match for electronica/EDM, and are fairly comfortable to boot. As long as S-LOGIC works for you (which you won't know until you try them) - just get them from somewhere with a good return policy and you should be alright. I don't know the PRO900; they're reportedly extremely bassy though.

The Ultrasones are fairly aggressive/forward though - is that a presentation that you want? (I'm just seeing that as a trend with all of the cans you've mentioned).
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I was going to recommend the Pro 2900's as well out of the ones you listed.

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I really like the AD700s signature but the lack of low end is just unforgivable to me. I am not a bass head but probably close if I am honest. I also like a newb bought the beats hype a couple years ago (never wore them in public lol). They dont touch the ad700s in clarity but just the added bass in them makes them more suited to what I listen too. I mean some things the AD700s blow my mind with where they shine with how bright they are and wide soundstage. But other stuff they just seem to fall on their face.


Just want better sounding headphones I guess with more bass. I like the big soundstage of the open cans aswell. The AD700s were my first exposure to that. Cant ever see going back to closed cans.


Right now I am looking @ the Ti HD with the O2 Amp with the DT990s or Ultrasones.

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Honestly the PRO2900 aren't that hard to drive - the TiHD should have no problem there at all.
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I'd look at the HD650 reviews here too, ultimately the DT990's are pretty decent cans too, but it will come down to your personal preference.
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I prefer the DT990 to both the Ultrasones. The Ultrasones have nasty, peaky treble. While the 990s are treble heavy, it's clean treble. The Ultrasones arw more jarring. As far as bass goes, the 2900s have incredibly refined and textured bass. The 900s have massive and quick midbass. The 990s have bass in between the Ultrasones. All three have some pretty recessed mids, but I find the 990's mids to be clearer. The 990s sound more open and airy than either Ultrasone.
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Thanks for the help! I probably am leaning towards the 990s since it would seem they are more open.


I am pretty sure I will be happy with the DT990s with a 02 amp. I have never owned that level of equipment before. And am still really happy everytime I put on my AD700s so I am probably your average guy who is going to be blown away but any think thats even decent haha.

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