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I have owned plenty of full sized open headphones and among them my preferred sound signatures tilted towards warm (HD 518 HD 558 HD HE-400) Though the HE-400's are a tad bright,
I find I tend to agree with Tyll alot at Innerfidelity but his wall of fame of choices that are in my budget include the Spider Realvoice, and Shure SR 215, I thought the Spider's looked really uncomfortable and awkward.

So I was thinking about grabbing some Shure SR 215's but I was around a bit more at Headroom and they recommend the UE350 as a "TOP 10 under $500" and then I noticed the UE500 is about the same price.

That had me looking at the:
Shure SR 215

I would prefer $100 as a maximum budget, I'm not looking for a flagship but just the most I can squeeze from my money so I have something okay to listen to on the move, thats when I started wondering if there is something like the ATH-M50 of IEM's that many people recommend to get started with?

Also checking out:
Woodess iESW101V Vintage
AKG Q350
Senn CX300 II

Any information on a stand out sub $100 competitor will be greatly appreciated.

Also VERY curious about the Hifiman IEMS.

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