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Musical fidelity EB-50 IEMS design based on the Dunu Ares (DN-11)?

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As one of the few early adopters of the MF EB50 iem I was searching the internet for some additional info about the design en features. Info and reviews are scarce. The reason for after sale searching is the fact I took them home for testing from the Hifi shop where I work part time. Haven't payed for them yet. Any way, as I was searching for info about 6mm  BA drivers via Google I found a review of the Dunu Ares (DN-11) here on Headfi. When suddenly I saw  that these Dunu's are identical in design. Also the packaging and included fake leather case are exactly the same. Excluding of course the branding. The jack plug, metal block at the bifurcation and the metal housing were the sillicon buds are plugged are exactly the same. Even the stress relief of the cable at the housing is exactly the same.


The million dollar question is then of course did Musical Fidelity simply rebranded the Dunu's or did they bought the design from Dunu and inserted some more sophisticated Ba drivers together with a different back-housing? The question is for and my customers relevant as the Dunus cost something like 45 USD and the MF 199 USD.


So are here some insiders that can enlight me about the design?










Can someone  help me with submitting the photos for comparison? I can't managed it some how. Already tried [img][/img]



By the way a short review:


The MF EB-50 are unbelievable in reproducing a clean sound. Sound stage is good to perfect. They don't lack bass but it is so tight or clean that you can get the perception that they lack the capability to produce it. The problem I have is that songs with true and deep bass sound absolute perfect in balance. But other songs that create their punchy sound based on upper base will sound flat and more lifeless. Another difficulty is that the MF EB50 are very sensitive for placement in the ear channel. Not only the type of sillicon buds are of influence but I noticed that if you place them to properly you create an under pressure that results in less bass and soundstage.




(Pardon my french as Dutch is my native language :) )

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Although I grant you there are enough physical similarities to believe there is some connection to the MF's the barrels are completely different so obviously not a rebadge. More importantly according to John2410's review of the Dunu's sound very different to the EB-50's.
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I can pretty confidentially say that these were made by Dunu. probably would have been worth as a flagship or something but sold under Musical fidelitys name who have also sorted out a nice packaging with good spelling etc but in Dunus fashion.


I first noticed the clues when i saw the pictures. then at Bristol sound and vision show i saw the accessories and i had a pair waiting for me home as a surprise.


Same accessory box, clean cloth, earphone, pouch, patent pending ear hooks and y-split on the earphone. I doubt anyone will officially confirm it however. These are likely to be better than the Crius and different certainly so i would not worry in that aspect, Dunu are a good IEM company and used to do OEMing so this is no surprise.

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I don't buy this for a moment. Although It does not really matter. Whatever their provenance they sound fantastic.
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What?dunu are a good company so this is nothing bad. MF would have had a input in design but Dunu made it.
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I get what you are saying now. I thought you meant it was a rebadge. Obviously Anthony Michaelson did not make them himself! My bad. smily_headphones1.gif
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Oh no it is different to every product in the Dunu range.As I said if they had released it , they would have likely made it a flagship.

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