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For Sale: Fostex TH900

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For Sale:
Fostex TH900

Will Ship To: CONUS

Hear the headphone Charlie Sheen is reported to own!  The lacquering on these cups is a trade secret known only to a single hairless artisan who lives deep in the Andes. Fostex convinced him to work on their cups after numerous visits to his remote retreat and promises of erecting a cell phone tower nearby.  As a result these are the prettiest headphones currently on the market.


These are less than a week old and have been treated with the utmost care.  They are like new in every sense of the term and have split their time between my primary work rig at the tannery and my other work rig at the fish market.


Price includes shipping but not paypal in the US.  I can have pictures tomorrow but these are brand new and thus in brand new condition.  With all accessories, paperwork, Fostex headphone stand and original boxes, bought from an authorized US dealer.  

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Oh my. PMed.

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Oh sweet baby jesus, where were you a week ago before I ordered mine new??  LOL

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