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Klipch Image x10 ($85), HiFiMan Re-262($120) or...?

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 My specific needs:


- Listen to classical music (and music where it's all about instruments), alternative rock, pop music, and other mainstream music. Nothing too hardcore for my ears that would make it bleed or hurt.


- Can block outside noises decently (I don't know if noise-cancellation is what I'm looking for)--I commute for at least 2 hours each day on a bus. I also don't want people to be able to hear what I'm listening to if I turn the music to a decent volume in a very quiet room.


- Comfort is key (this will probably not be a problem, but I have small ears. I have interchangeable ear "caps" from my previous Seinheisser CX500). I currently use my ATH-AD700 headphones for at least 8 hours just on the computer--it can get pretty tiresome on the ears. 


- Don't know if this is necessary to include, but must be compatible with Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone devices, and PC.


I have absolutely no idea what I need in terms of base and other attributes based on what kind of music I listen to.


Right now, I'm thinking of 

HiFiMan - RE-262 for $120



Klipsch Image x10 for $85


Thoughts/Recommendations? Warranty is important because I've been screwed over several times with the durability of the product.


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Re-262's sound fantastic, but their asymmetrical design leaves alot to be desired in fit. The Klipsch are supposedly not as detailed as others in this price bracket, though their warmth and bass is quite nice for a single, small driver. 


Others for you to consider since Classical is your main frame of reference:

Etymotic HF5 ($99)

HiFiMan RE0 (still awesome and only $50)

Rock-It R-50($120)


I assume the Ety's and RE0 have the overall best treble extension, though the Rock-It's are most likely pretty dang close and they will have a better soundstage than the Ety or RE0's. Not sure who the winner here is in separation since I have yet to hear the Rock-It's (should be on my doorstep in the next few days).

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I was considering HiFiMan RE-0 also, but a quick Google search also shows durability problems. Klipsch x10 has durability problems as well. They have highly favorable reviews, but I commute a lot and I will be taking the IEM everywhere with me and plugging in and out, etc.

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^- This thread has all the info you need to make a informative decision. Of all the iem's mentioned in this thread, the Rockit R-50 would be the best bang for the buck.

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Thanks for the thread. I read so many praises for the RE0, but the sound is rated significantly below R-50's. I understand the description of the sound of the RE0, but don't really quite get the R-50's description. How do they both compare? And would the average music lover be disappointed with either choice?


I decided to stop considering the X10 because I'm so afraid of having to deal with warranty and having to by another IEM in, say, 1.5 years. That's a shame because X10's are praised for their isolation and comfort, but I don't really know how they comopare to both the RE0 and the R-50. 


Right now I'm leaning toward R-50.

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