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Help me decide on a dac

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Hello All,


I'm starting this post because for the past two months I have been scouring these forums for the best dac for my setup. I currently am using the Schiit Bifrost coupled with the Woo Audio WA2. I listen to three different headphones right now, Beyer T1's, DT 990s 600ohm, and the Sennheiser HD650s. I plan in the near future to get some Audeze LCD-2s, and who knows maybe some other amazing headphones later (HE-500s, HE-6s, LCD-3s, maybe STAX? :P). Anyway I am searching for a dac that will accommodate all my future purchases, so that I won't be caught wondering if my source is in need of a upgrade later down my journey. I want to buy something that will last me years and even after awhile, I still will be pleased with the SQ. I love my Bifrost, but it turns out that I just got an internship at an accounting firm (my major) and I will have the privilege of having my own WORK setup aswell. So the Bifrost will be coming with me to work. So now that leaves me with a whole in my setup at home. After lots of research, I still find myself lost as to what DAC will work the best for me. I've considered the Schiit Gungnir, Woo Audio WDS-1, Yulong D1000, and Audio GD NFB-7. Problem is I feel all these DACs are in different price tiers and performance tiers. My budget is 1200$ or less, and I really can't go above that much because of school and the huge whole in my pocket that the holidays brought. I'm looking for a DAC that has no coloration and is as close to neutral as possible. I absolutely love my Woo Audio WA2 and the sound that it brings my headphones, so I would like to keep that sound without any coloration from a DAC. So please help me decide on a good DAC!



Thanks and Happy Holidays!



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If you like the Bifrost, just buy a second one smily_headphones1.gif

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Take a look at the Audio-Gd Reference 5.32


The PCM1704 D-to-A chip is an R2R ladder-type design, which many prefer to the sigma-delta type D-to-A  chips like the Wolfson WM8741, ESS SABRE and others.

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Hi Greed,


You may want to take a look at our desktop DAC/amp the DACmini.  It is well within your budget and has a neutral sound signature that works very well with the headphones that you mentioned. Here is what one reviewer said:


"The DACmini™ sounds so good on so much musical material that it creates a problem for the reviewer because you end up focusing on the music rather than the DACmini itself. When pressed to characterize it, the standout sonic quality is a basic sweetness, coupled with a superb rendition of instrumental layers within recordings. This ability to be clear and detailed, without being etched or bright is the hallmark of low distortion and is a signature aspect of the DACmini.".



Be sure to message me if you have any questions.



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Wow, I forgot I made this thread... haha. I was waiting for an answer for a few days, but to no avail. But thank you guys for the responses. I have since moved my Bifrost to my work place, and have purchased the Yulong D18. Thanks for the help though. As a Head-Fi memeber I am always looking to improve my audio experience, so I now have my eyes set on the Anedio D2, anyone heard it? Any other suggestions in the higher-end DAC category? I'm just window shopping at the moment.

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