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Harman/Kardon CL or B&W P5?

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Hey, I'm quite new here at head-fi and I was really looking for help with my question above. I've recently threw out my old pair of headphones and I was on the market for a new pair.

Before I was quite contented with just listening to my ipod with it's included earbuds, until my ears got introduced to a friends' pair of cans( v-moda m80) and I realized how much I was missing.

So I did some shopping around, best buy, apple store etc. and I came across a pair of P5s and H/K CLs. I really like the on-ear feel, and every headphone design that I've sampled, on-ear is the most comfortable for me.

I also tried the P3s but the folding configuration of it(and every headphone with this configuration) is something that I don't really like. My wife gave me a pair of House of Marley Soul Rebels as a gift but I still feel like the sound is not for me( not to mention the design).

With that said, I really like to read any thoughts about the P5s and the CLs to help me decide which one to pick.

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I would personally pick the CL. The P5 lacks too may details for my taste, especially in the upper midrange, the cable on the P5 is also distressingly thin.

If the sound of the P5 and CL appeals to you, then you may also want to try the Monster Inspiration or Focal Spirit One, although both are over ear.

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Thanks for the input. I don't know but over-ear designs is not really comfortable for me though. Weird but I prefer on-ears. How about the so-called burn in process? Would that improve the P5's sound?
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Tangster, have you tried the CL? Or are you just saying get the CL because you don't like the p5?
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