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For Sale:
Like new Shure SRH1840 for sale!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my five months old immaculate pair of Shure flagship headphone.

I've had a hard time deciding to sell it or not, but they have to go. I don't think, that I will have time to listen to music due to my studies.

It's got a two year warranty, whereof it remained one and a half year. It can be validated by MUZIKER Musical Instrument Stores, which are located in Prague (Bohemia), also in Pozsony (Slovakia) and Budapest (Hungary).

But I don't think you will ever need a repair, because it has got a detachable cable connection and you won't use it at driver-blowing volumes. Anyway, I have all the accesories it came with (spare earpads and a spare cable, quarter inch adapter). All of them are unopened , new.

The headphone itself is like new, there are no signs of wear on it at all. I've used it for 60 hours at most.

It even smells like new.