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Another Beats VS X Product

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Hello, i just started in this world of music quality, and now i have a doubt, before buying my headphones i did a research here in head fi and realized that beats just suck, so i bought a Sennheiser MOMENTUM, these are my first "PRO" headphones ever, so i think they sound pretty good, but my father bought a pair of beats studio just because a football player use them (i know i know....) and i put them in and i think they do sound good !


im a noob in this world but my father ask me "Show me why yours are better if my beats got more bass and more comfort etc etc" and they DO have bass and theyre really comfort, can please somebody tell me how to difference sound quality or which aspects are the basics ?


we compared alot of FLAC music from Adele, Oasis, Nirvana to Black Eyed peas, Skrillex, David Guetta etc etc...


i would appreciate if noone laughs at me because im such a noob haha but i really need to know why mine have better sound quality because studios are 299 and momentum 349.



Thanks !

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Well, I haven't tried the Momentum myself, so I don't know how good/bad they are, but I bet they are not worse sounding than the Beats.


Maybe the excessive bass in the Beats is giving you the sensation that they have a better sound. I remember when I was new to audio, I used to rate headphones based on how loud was the bass. But then I started to learn that there are other things that are more important, like instrument separation and positioning; not quantity, but QUALITY of the bass (that is that it doesn't bleed into other frequencies, that they have good texturing and a proper decay, etc.), soundstage, etc.


Try doing some extensive A-B comparations between the Momentum and your father's Beats, and you'll probably begin to notice how the Senn are technically better in most aspects (probably except bass quantity).

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well i think im like any other newbie, rating the sound in bass quantity hehe i will keep doing tests between songs, maybe my problem is that i cant notice what is a mid, high, low etc but i gues i will with time... :D


thanks :)

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Compare those two with a perfectly amp'd alessandro ms1i with modded pads. Make sure it's already used for at least a year.

At a very affordable price, you'll hear MUSIC.


I am a religious believer of "burn-in". It'll take time before your sennheiser unleashes it's full potential. Have faith.

Plus, the beats studio uses a separate battery for it's so-called "subwoofer" that produces a so-called "better" bass.


If after some reasonable time you still think beats studio sounds better, sell your momentum, buy a beats studio, and be happy with it.

Just remember NOT to post anything like "my beats is so awesome! all head-fiers must have one!" because it will cause real chaos in the community.

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Problem with rating a pair of headphones on purely bass...  Bass accounts for the first 250 Hz of the audio spectrum (maybe being a bit generous too on this...).  The human ear can hear at least 16000 Hz total :p  OK, this isn't a fair representation.  We really can't tell you why they would be better persay, my advice would be to go out and find a place that will let you test a pair of headphones against your Beats.  I'm not talking about a stall at Best Buy either.  Real audio stores will let you addition headphones (Some Apple Stores do too).  

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thank you, im still comparing these 2 and i think im noticing differences in the vocals, each instrument etc, maybe im a little paranoid hehe thanks guys !

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