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What setup is optimal with lightning connector devices?

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I'm only going to be using the iPhone 5 to play my music, which means I'd have to buy the 30 pin to lightning converter to use it with a LOD connector with a Fiio device. 


Is the DAC on the converter any good when combined with something like an E11? Is it worth getting?


What about buying something that bypasses the DAC like the HRT iStreamer?


Is the DAC on the iStreamer that great when used with a Fiio device? Is that kind of setup worth 250$+?


I'd probably be using something like Beyer DT 770's, AudioTechnica A900X or Denon D2000.


So my options are:


1. iPhone 5 > Lighting to 30 pin > Fiio L1 > Fiio device


2. iPhone 5 > Lightning cable > HRT iStreamer > Fiio device


3. iPhone 5 with only headphones


Are setups 1 and 2 worth the money?

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Well, it depends on where you are going to use this. I used to carry my iPhone 4, FiiO L11 LOD, cabled to my E11 amp, and it was always coming unplugged. If the LOD came out, the music paused, and I had to take the whole mess out of my pocket to restart it. The added Lightning => 30pin adapter will only exacerbate this isssue. If it will be in your pocket, I would advise against setup 1, and probably 2 as well, if the HRT will be in your pocket as well. If they could be sitting on a table or desk, or in a loose pocket, or a bag, then 1 or 2 would be nice, and give you some nice SQ. 

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I am personally curious about the lightning to USB (CKK, camera connection kit) and the Leckerton UHA6s. it is fairly cheap too for what you seem to get.
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You could look at apple certified devices with an amp/dac combination, such as the Fostex hp-p1, but that would run your budget high ($600+). These can connect directly to your iDevice and run the amp/dac in combo mode. There's also the CEntrance HiFi-m8 coming up which looks like it might suit your needs well (prices still run high). A cheaper alternative may be a Venturecraft Go-Dap-X (there was a used one in the "For Sale" forums for ~$380), but I don't think it has the power for power hungry headphones (although this should have more power and sound better than the stock iPhone 5).


Personally, the sound on my iTouch 4 with any of my IEMs/headphones is rather mediocre, so I've slapped on a Headstage Arrow, which I carry around everywhere and not once has the LOD has come loose. Granted, I use a low profile lod, so there's minimal room for entanglement within the pocket. The sound is a huge upgrade over what the stock iTouch offers, so I think setups #1 and #2 are well worth the money.


Personally, I would spring for an apple certified dac/amp combo; if not I would prefer the #2 as that makes the stack as small as possible, while still giving you excellent sound. #2 would also be more inexpensive than the aforementioned option.

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