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Senn HD 25-1 ii or V-Moda M80??HELP!!

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First off the only 'real' pair of headphones I have are PX200 ii's. Bought these last year for the portability of them, however I found that I couldn't use them on a plane or bus because of the poor isolation. I cannot decide between the hd 25s or m80's as an upgrade! From what I have read on them (quite a lot) I have gathered that to my ears there would be minimal differences in SQ. It seems that its now coming down to isolation for me, and while I know that the HD 25's have great isolation, I just wanted to knows if the M80's would suffice. I don't need to be in complete and utter silence but I would like to be able to be able to listen to my music on a bus comfortably. I know its an odd question but could someone compare the isolation to Beats SOLO as my friend owned these and they are the only other on ear head phones I have experience with. I found the isolation on these sufficed. I also tried the ATH M50's but ruled them out as they are too large.



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From memory, HD25 provides quoted isolation of around 15db with pleather pads. With velour (less isolation) I find this enough for most places except in a noisy underground train, noisy plane (Easyjet is fine) and in proximity of loud machinery ie external noise above around 80-85db.

For noisy places, I resort to IE80 which has less satisfying sound. Short of resorting to NC, I am only looking for a better sounding portable (DT1350, amperior etc).

If I could only keep one can it would be Hd 25.


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The reviews I read all seem to clain that the M80 has poor isolation. For good isolation and a small size, choose an IEM that has good isolation rather than a closed headphone. The only smaller headphone that seems to have good isolation is the HD25-1 mk2, and many complain about its strong clamping force.

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I can confirm that the M-80's isolation is not very good (certainly not good enough to be used in a plane), while the HD 25 are among the best isolating on-ear phones I've tried.


By the way, there aren't just "minimal differences in SQ" between these. I mean, maybe technically speaking they are at about the same level, but their sound signatures are quite different, the HD 25 being brighter and more detailed, while the V-MODAs have a darker, warmer sound (YMMV though).

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I use HD25 as my main portable headphone , and must say; the isolation is great. Public transport should not be a problem.


The clamping force is indeed strong, and in the beginning it was not comfortable to use them for several hours, but after some adaption I have no problem with squeezed ears.

The only thing I have to criticize is the time it takes to put them on properly. After wearing them around the neck, you will have to adjust the split headband and the left cup (which can swirl) in order to get a perfect fit.

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