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Thanks in advance for all the help!

I'm looking into getting my first Mid-fi cans. I am on a $300 budget. I listen to only EDM, specifically the genres Techno, Electro house, Indie Dance, House, Dubstep, Progressive house, Breaks, electronica, and drum and bass I am a bass head, my current pair of cans are the Sony MDR-XB500. I'm looking for deep sub bass, tight mid-bass, warm mids, and clear highs. My source components include multiple iPods and iPhones with a Fiio E11 and the L9 line out. At home I use my desktop but I will soon be purchasing a desktop DAC and amp. All my files are either lossless or 320 Kbps MP3s.

The cans need to be closed back and comfortable. They need to be semi-portable, but size really doesnt matter. I've been looking at the Ultrasone Pro 900 and the V-moda M-100 but having no way to demo either one I need to hear more opinions and examine all my options. If I left out any important details just ask me and I'll provide. Once again thank you for taking time to help me out!