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Sorry in advance for the heavy text, but i'm sure its normal considering the vast selection of headphones. Also I want you all to get the absolute best idea of where I am at, what I want, and what I dont want. I haven't owned a whole lot of entry/mid/high end audiophile phones but I have a minor amount of experience. Right now I own the hd280s, I have for years and absolutely love them. They have to be near top bang for your buck on dj style (I'm sure they do just fine for some minorly critical listening, they seem to be decently flat), considering 80 bucks with a deal. beats pro are laughable vs them, WITHOUT PRICE CONSIDERATION (hilarious since beats are 4x more). So about a year ago I decided upgrade time, and got some BeyerDynamic DT880s. Back when I got these I was unaware of how neutral and flat studio hp are(now I think duhh). For my music style(Mostly Metal/Rap/dubstep, and then a little of everything else) it has been said they are too neutral for me. The 280s I find way more enjoyable for music considering the stronger bass and more aggressive colored sound in general.

-I am basically looking for closed or mid closed/open for 90% Metal/Rap/Dubstep, 10% random genres.
-400 dollar budget (would love to see options beyond this though)
-Willing and excited to get a hp amp if needed so that opens more options
-I want bass AT LEAST like the 280 (I'm sure I havent heard anything yet) assuming it will be better though since some say they are weak (with an EQ they rattle my head, more wouldn't hurt tho wink.gif i had a lot of fun with the xb500's a while back)
-Im looking for much less neutral than the 880s
-Noice cancelling isn't a worry since it will be home use the only problem is a mediocre volume on the 880's and people can hear my music no problem. (and they are only half open, not full. Judging from other threads and what I have heard, I think i will end up with closed)
-Portability is not a worry, nor is durability I take extreme care and don't take out of the house
-Although my taste is mostly metal/bass heavy (and even mixed together :P) I greatly appreciate a good acoustic track, so a decent stage is half way necessary but not crucial whatsoever.
-Continuing from the last point, I am afraid of getting an open or mid open phone because im afraid of the airy neutral sound that does not mix with rap and metal as much as it will with jazz, orchestra, acoustic, etc. (Its GREAT for a lot of music though and I am aware that it can still be good for my genres too if amped/EQ'd right). So if you know of an open or mid open can that will still rattle my head, let me know.
-There is a chance that the DT880's happen to be super light on the bass IMO either because of improper amping or EQing, but that is just what I have gathered; open = soundstage, neutral, less punchy. I WANT PUNCHY.
- In the end, I need a 400 or less, punchy, rich, not-so-neutral, FULLY CIRCUMAURAL, amp or amp-free headphone. And i want to say WOW compared to my 280s, not a sad face that the DT880s gave me (Although on certain tracks the DT880's did wow me where the 280s couldnt, mostly on soundstage). Overall it was a big big disappointment, even with a steal of a deal at 220 for the 880s.

I'm using the 250ohm 880s in a new av receiver they sound a lot better than out of my xonar stx 600ohm sound card hp output. (Set to 64-300ohm) I'm sure you all are thinking umm get a real amp. Agreed. I had no idea how weak the stx is, considering my AV HP jack destroys it. All I want is music pleasure, punchy bass and crisp highs, I am willing to sacrifice some mids for a slight v-shape sound but I dont want no tweeter-less logitech 2.1 v-shape sound, they are too much.

So this all being said I followed this criteria and landed on a few options. People with similar criteria seem to land on the grado 325i but I cant tell if they FULLY cover the ear or if they are partial. I'd even be OK with an upgrade from the 325s considering I have seen 325 VS HD280 and its still a toss-up to some peoples preferences (I do find it hard to believe that the 280 can compete, but the fact that its possible scares me). The Denon D2000 looked like a very nice pair of hp, but I believe those are the hard to find ones correct me if I'm wrong.
Thanks a lot for the read, any opinions would be great.

P.S Please don't recommend the ATH-M50s I have seen WAY too many tossups between those and my current ones to think I will be satisfied whatsoever.