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FIIO E09K desktop headphone amp not that loud with beyerdynamic DT880 600 Ohm

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Has anyone got the Fiio E09K desktop headphone amplifier? I got one this morning from Santa and I have to say I'm pretty unimpressed. It just doesn't go THAT much louder than standard output of Macbook pro/iPad - certainly not enough to warrant buying it - have I got a fake or something? I HAVE changed the gain setting on back - and it IS loud at full volume - just not stupidly loud - I didn't expect to have to have it at full volume all the time.


Anyone else got one - just want to make sure I've not got a dodgy one - got it from Amazon. Also - if I get the E17 DAC will that make it louder?



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What are you using as the source to the E09K ? Does it have any volume controls ?

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Sounds weird. Got no experience with FiiO E9 specifically, but what is your windows volume at % and could you post some pictures of the amp/packaging?

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Running straight from line out of iMac/macbook pro to aux in of e09k. Don't get me wrong it IS louder - just not by that much. iMac volume is at full.



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It needs a DAC. If you're using the headphone jack on your iDevices... well, that is NOT the way to hook amps up, and the Fiio may not be getting enough voltage. Also, make sure the system volume setting is maxed.

The E9K would destroy your ear drums WAY before you hit max volume off the 600ohm Beyers.
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Cheers I'll look at getting a DAC then - maybe E17/Apogee One or NI Audio A6.


So will an audio interface/DAC generally go louder than line out of iMac/Macbook Pro?


I'll search these forums for some advice re DACs but if you have any recommendations that would be great.



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It definitely should. Double check your audio settings on your devices as well as video/music programs are at 100%. You should be controlling volume JUST with the E9K.

Seriously, the E9K would destroy your Beyers if they were working right.
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Just for anyone else considering the Fiio E09K I tried it again this morning and all is fine now - got it at 1/3 volume and this is ample. Maybe the beers had got to me yesterday or I was doing something wrong. Happy with it now.

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Well, it had to be either the Beyers or the beers. tongue.gif

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Hey there - I'm thinking of the exact same combo at the mo - how are you finding it now?


I have the DT-880 250 Ohms, and am upgrading to the 600 ohms (I heard they have better smoother highs as I'm finding the highs on the 250s a little harsh.  How are the lows on the 600s with the E09K?

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I have just ordered a Asus Xonar DG sound card, Fiio E09K amp and Beyerdynamic DT 990- 600Ohm cans. This is kind of my gift to myself a sort of thing I do every year with my income tax. This year it's like close to around 5-600$ in audio:p I'm so thrilled to get this new stuff I can not wait, I have done so much research on all the products online over the past few weeks that I know for sure this will be the best setup for me. Also I can not wait to burn my Turtle Beach HPA2's in my fire pit:) I am almost more excited about that then anything:p


I have a question and if anyone could answer I'd be happy as a pig in ****.  


"do I need to get a separate cord to hook up the E09K amp to the Xonar DG sound card''?


Thanks to who ever answers this in advance. I'll check in tomorrow to see if there is a reply, in the mean time I will look around for more info on my problem. 

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@naulBoy - The Beyers sound amazing - i don't know if it would be worth paying all that extra to get the 600ohm if you've got the 250 ohm version though - I bet the difference isn't that much. Personally I'd try some different ones e.g. HD650 then you've got a selection to try.


The beyers sound great but I was hoping I could use them for mixing purposes and tbh headphones just don't cut it. Still sound amazing though and great for making music - just the mixing stage has to be done on speakers I reckon.

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@Chuck_Canada -The Fiio is just a headphone amp so you just need a standard 3.5mm to twin rca cable like this one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/3-5mm-Phono-Stereo-Audio-Cable/dp/B000Q6LSVS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1365404247&sr=8-1&keywords=rca+audio+cable+extension 


The sound card might come with one but dead cheap anyway if not.

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@pp312 - LOL!

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Thanks for the reply, I do have a microphone to rca cord but it has the wrong microphone end on it. It has the input or female end for microphone... I was wondering if I could just use the usb cable and have it still run off of my sound cards dac? I should have specified that earlier lol but I wasn't thinking.

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