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For Sale or Trade: Beyerdynamic ET 1000 + N 1000

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For Sale or Trade:
Beyerdynamic ET 1000 + N 1000

Will Ship To: Anywhere

for sale or trade (micro seiki ms 2, ...or some stax?)

are this extremely rare electrostatic headphones from Beyerdynamic from the period between 1976 and 1981.

I restored them to the original state as close as possible. The earpads are made of fine leather and the diaphragma is original Mylar C with 4.8 micron. The coating is bought from mr. sombetzky, because I did not like the homemade recipes in comparison. The cable is new and (contrary to the originals) long enough with 3.7 meters. The step up transformers in the N 1000 (for 230 Volt mains) have a good quality, but the sound is definitely better with a Stax amplifier (normal bias).


Please ask for the shipping costs and I will evaluate them for your country.


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If I remember well, HamidGal wanted a pair of these cans


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so we could possibly trade with the sony ecr 500?

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