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Aurvana 3 vs GR07 vs x10

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It's the holidays (and also my birthday) so I'm looking to upgrade from my Shure SE215's. I like them but I'm having some cable issues and I just generally want to upgrade.


I'm looking at the Aurvana 3, GR07 MK2, and Klipsch X10. I primarily listen to a lot of rock/alternative/punk, and a little electronic/dubstep. I like the sound of my SE215's but would like a slightly bigger soundstage and a bit more detail/clarity. I can get the Aurvana for $87, the GR07 for about $180, and the X10 for about $90 (all on Amazon). 


Please help me decide, I'm having trouble.

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I can't speak for the other two but I went from the se215 to the GR07. The GR07 was a huge revelation for me, details, clarity, and soundstage were much improved. Now when I go back and listen to the Shures they sound muddy and veiled. I have since bought 7 pairs of iems and the Vsonics have stood the test of time and have only been bested by my new JVC FXZ200. Thought my experience might help...
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