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I decided to buy the Westone 3 a few days ago since I will be traveling to Japan soon and needed a high quality IEM to listen on the plane. Before I purchased it, I read a couple of reviews on the web and generally most people said that they were impressed with it. However, when I tried them out, I was slightly underwhelmed. Although they are fun to listen to, the amount of detail it had wasn't really that spectacular. Additionally, I found the sound stage to be very narrow and recessed.

Soon I realized that before I got my Westones I was listening to my HD 800 almost everyday. I believe this may cause me to become used to the amount of detail and fidelity they provide. My hypothesis is that the HD 800 is causing me to perceive the westone 3 as being slightly inferior than it really is.

Is this "phenomenon" common?? And has this happened to anyone before??

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