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Greetings all. this is my very first post on head-fi. i've been reading through posts and gathering a lot of information from this website for about 2 weeks, but i can't seem to find specific answers.


I've been using the Senn HD280 pro with the Line6 POD HD

but their specifications say that headphones of 150-600 ohms should be used with this guitar amplifier modeler.

after reading numerous reviews and comparisons, i narrowed down my selection of headphones to the senn hd600, and the beyer dt880 600 ohm, with the beyer winning out due to cost effectiveness.


however, since i've been doing my research i've read numerous posts about headphone amplifiers, and thought i might try one of those as well, with the 3 contestants being the Objective2 (diy or pre-built), the schiit magni and some sort of Fiio HP-amp.

this decision will come down to a flip of the coin, more or less.


- would the tone/performance of the Line6/beyer be improved with an external headphone amp?


regarding the last component, i'm quite confused. And that is the D/A converter. 

i am about 99.98% certain that the POD HD has a built-in D/A converter.


- would there be any benefit to a stand-alone D/A converter for the POD HD?

- under what circumstances are stand-alone D/A converters used?


thanks in advance for your help


- seth in mass


ps: i tried posting similar questions on the POD HD forum, but received little to no feedback