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I have your exact use case, needed to get up and listen around the house. Ended up going to a bunch of solutions but settled on RS220s. Given the freedom I have, I don't miss my HD800s from my desk.
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Been living with my AK100 for a few days now and so far I like what I have bought. H2OFidelity, I appreciate why you warned as you did but my listening experience has not been like the warnings in the AK100 thread. Frankly, I found the 90 pages hard going because there was a heap of OT posts and very few from anyone who owns one. So everything tended to be subjective opinion and not very constructive. I may do a more comprehensive review sometime in the future, but in the meantime I have posted a none too flattering reply in the AK100 thread which sums up my findings and my opinions. I don't see why I should not join in seeing as opinions are like a##holes, every body's got one... here's my take... post #1341

Cheers all and Happy New Year.

Well, if you enjoy it that's nice to hear, we never said it wouldn't work. :tongue.gif: The problem is most of us here want accuracy, we want sound reproduction accurate as possible to the manufacturers design. A lot of users take measurements seriously, they don't want a player with an output impedance of 21ohms altering their $500 - $1400 IEM's intended frequency response, because they chose that IEM for it's frequency chart alone which they want to hear as intended, and which I'm sure you can understand. I'm not here to say you made the right or wrong decision as everyone's opinions will vary.

Enjoy your AK100.

Happy New Year!
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i also just got my dx100 and im listening to it now, compared to what i had which was ipod classic 7th gen+fiio e17 combo, i havent noticed major sound improvement though i havent tried listening for it. it seems more detailed but its a fatiguing combo to try to pair my dx100 with my beyer dt990... hopefully it will improve... i kinda feel like i can do more spending my money on high end cans...

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