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Shure SRH-1440's - Help?

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Hi everyone,


I just was given Shure SRH-1440's for Christmas. I don't want to sound like a total brat, but I'm a bit dissatisfied. I don't know much about the science behind good headphones, but I do play bass, piano, guitar, and drums, so I know a bit about music. The sound was incredibly clear but, in my opinion, lacked bass. I don't want ridiculously boosted bass, but these headphones sound hollow. I am playing the music out of my laptop, which may not have the power to adequately drive the headphones. Is this the case? Should I buy an amplifier before I judge these headphones? For $400 dollars, I want to be satisfied.


Thanks for all of your help,



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Yup, they have some rolloff.

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Thanks. I know this is a really open-ended question, but can anybody recommend a pair of headphones (in this price range, ~$400) that has a tiny bit more bass?

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Would you be interested in selling the headphones?




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They need amped, they are not bass cannons by any means, but the do have bass.

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The SRH1440 had more bass than the K701 and the SRH1840- certainly a warmer, fuller sound. Of course they're not going to satisfy bassheads but I thought they were adequate.

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