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Leson CSH-50

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I found an old pair of Leson CSH-50 at my grandfather home. It seems to be an electrostatic headphone from Japan.


Does anyone heard of it before ?


Will it be interesting to restore them ?

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I am going to take a wild guess and say they are identical to these:

http://www.head-fi.org/t/420490/show-us-your-vintage-headphones/345#post_8641160 scroll down a few posts also


Can you post up a picture?  Are they black with chrome cup arms?

hopefully they come with the adapter box also?



Man how cool is that find, regardless of how hey sound.


Check back in.



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No it's not lik that.


Looks like some washed out white cups, quite thin indeed compared to your pic.


They're good for trash I think.

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what made you think they are electrostatic?

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Basically because it is written on it...

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I wouldn't throw them out if I were you  depending on how the plug end is they might be able to be adapted to another adapter box ( like a Stax box ) to run them, if anything  you could probably sell them on here. If you get a chance can you please post a picture of them ( do you have the adapter box anywhere?

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