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Alessandro MS1i vs Beyerdynamic DT860 - Short Review

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Hi All,


I thought I'll put up a quick and short comparison of the above two headphones as I owed and own both of those...


I bought the Alessandro MS1i about 4 years ago. I did my research (mainly on this website). My budget was limited at the time so I settled with the MS1i. Nevertheless, I was very pleased with my purchase.


Now, recently I wanted to upgrade my headphones, try something different. Here in Australia the brand availability is limited - I suppose, anyways, after some research I went for Beyerdynamic DT860. These were also on a hot sale on Amazon at the time. I did look at Audio-Technica, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure etc,. But reading through forums etc, I thought Beyerdynamic offered more overall balanced in sound. It had to be a low impedance headphone so I can use it without an amplifier on my laptop.


Anyways, I'm keen on what I listen - I like enjoying the prominence in notes, depth, separation, range and clarity. Well that's pretty much everything - but I'm no expert 


Here's the comparison... 


With Beyerdynamic DT860 I hear lot more in music... I felt there was more happening in music comparatively to the same songs I have heard in MS1i. DT860 has more sparkling, I hear lot more cymbals - Trebles in music are something you won't be disappointed with DT860.

The Bass was a very different representation in DT860 to MS1i. It was deeper with lot more booming effect but was not necessarily prominent as such but they hear well – more like in the background.

DT860 has the range, you can concentrate well and hear all notes and instruments. There is good soundstage in comparison to MS1i.


But here is the thing…


I somehow think MS1i has something that DT860 does not. Somehow I feel MS1i has that prominence, and up front representation of music something that that DT860 it not capable of. There are less trebles and bass in MS1i but what it presents is more dynamic and energetic. Music feels less crowded with instruments in MS1i but you hear what is supposed to be heard and important at the same time.


Edit - After few more months with DT860 - I feel the main difference between the MSi is DT860's excellent soundstage and clarity/separation in instrumentation.


I guess it all comes down to personal preference and taste. I cannot say which headphone is better. DT860 certainly has all the ticks but MS1i has something about how it represents the music which is appealing to me.  DT860 might be benefited from amplified music but I don’t have a one now to try. However, from bang for the bucks point of view here in Australia MS1i is the clear winner.


Long story, but I do not have the MS1i with me now. My next headphones if I go for a pair would be the MS-2. And I’m excited about what improvements MS-2 brings in comparison to MS1i.


Please share your suggestions and experiences….

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I have MS1i and MS2i and to me MS2i sound fuller and stronger. The mid in the MS2i is stronger and over all sound is cleaner. The MS2i high is actually more controlled. The MS2i has everything MS1i has and more. Something about Grado, sometime I when I feel the high is too bright it usually mean my volume is too high. I am OK with Grado signature and I use Sennheiser too.


One day I will get the MS-Pro to complete my Alessandro family :-)

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