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Upgrade from hd600 or complementary phone?

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Hey guys, for the past year I've been loving my hd600s paired with my o2 out of a basic dac/guitar interface(I plan on an odac or something better at least soon) but I seem to sometimes get more enjoyment out of my rock/metal with my vmoda m80s and monster Miles Davis tributes. I was wondering if maybe for my guitar-centric music if I should get another headphone or sell the hd600 and get a better all-rounder. Also I'm wondering if maybe I just need a better amp or dac to help my hd600s. My budget is flexible, I could probably go to $500(maybe 600 depending) without selling my hd600s and even more with selling my 600s. Also I'm not opposed to saving up even more over time.

As some background, I generally use lame encoded 320kpbs and my favorite rock/metal/fusion are very guitar centric (Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Dream Theater, Mattias Eklundh, Guthrie Govan, Greg Howe, etc.). I hear grados are great for rock but I'm leaning towards around ear since all on ears kill me after awhile, probably from my tense muscles caused by my chronic migraines.

I've been interested in planars like the he400/500 and mad dog but I'm not sure what is the right direction. I don't care if the phones are open or closed and like I said, I'm open to headphone/dac recommendations if that is a better direction.


Slight edit: I'm thinking maybe the senns are too laid back for my liking with guitar? I'm not entirely sure though.
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If you can afford to get the HE 500's, I'd say do it.  I have both the HD600 and the Hifman HE 5LE (the model prior to the HE 500's), and the hifiman is noticeably better than the HD600 in a lot of ways, but mostly in the mids and the level of detail it has, which means that it's awesome for guitars.


I am also a guitarist, and I have an Axe FX that I use and endlessly tweak to nail down my tone, and before when I was using the HD600's to mold my tone into something like the guitar tone on 'Endgame' by Megadeth, I just couldn't get it to sound right, but I couldn't tell why. With the Hifimans though, all the differences and little details between my tone and that megadeth tone are so much clearer, it's not even funny.


So if you're looking to do some critical guitar listening, it's hard to find a better bang for the buck than the hifimans, though those Paradox mod headphones seem to also be pretty good, and more within your budget (plus they're closed, so they can even be good for tracking).

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Thanks! I even posted in the reccomendations thread and 2 guys said the he500, I guess I'll save up and also see if I can audition some (if I can find a pair around my area). Also I love the axe fx, I really want to buy the axe 2.
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