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New and have some Questions!

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Hey everyone! New to this site as you can tell, but picked up my first set of crappy 3 dollar IEM's a few weeks ago and have been hooked ever since =)  Have checked countless hours of reviews and bought lots of cheap and on-sale lower quality phones and am ready to purchase some better ones. My question is this... I own a blackberry bold 9700 and run all my music from it. What kind of output does it have? Will a high quality IEM like an xba-4 (which I am considering the most right now) work well with it? Also... has anyone had issues with tinitis, or know someone who has? Any suggestions with possible treatments?

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Hello Eddie, my name is Eddie too lol I would get the xba3 instead of the 4 if I had to pick, because the 4 is huge, costs more, and doesnt show much inprovement and according to some members here it sounds worse. I would look at offerings from other brands such as westone, shure etymotic etc just let us know what you will be using them for. I would use a music player lets say ipod touch for music because I notice my music starts sounding bad if my headphones' impredance is higher than 16ohms if I use my phone which is a galaxy i9100


You also get a variety of tips, better cabling, removable/replacable cable from other brands

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Thanx for the advice! theres a store here offering xba4'z for $199 bux and am goin to seriously consider em, based on all the reviews I have done here, particularily the wonderful review by  a_recording. Seems either people love them or hate them. I wish I did have some advice on my BB Bold... On a side note, I did some research and found out the Ink'd's by skullcandy are wonderful for the price of $19.99. Have tried them and found the base only as good as advertised if the seal was perfect: Or, shoved/pushed them or held them against my ears... Does anyone have any input as to the blackberry Bold 9700's output in relation to higher end earbuds? plse let me know!

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If you want to get a decent source other then your Blackberry look into buying a Sansa Clip+ or Clip Zip then install rockbox on it. Do some searches on those players, I believe it may possibly surpass your phone in sound quality. I also suggest going for XBA3 over XBA4 due to what I've read regarding both models.
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What h20 said, if xba3's are cheaper than get those instead and you want a good source to get the most out of your phones and songs
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