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Help me and i'll help you

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Hey boys and girls of the sonic universe!
As the title states im in the need of your assistance.

I'm going to buy a pair of phones, that much is settled. The thing is im very uncertain of what pair.
I'm looking for pair of high quality phones in the range between like a hundred and two hundred bucks

that will work for basic mixing. I have a set of great monitors at the desk but i'd like a great phone for when i'm

away and some reference listening at home. Gotta get into that music you know. 

I've been all around the web reading reviews and i've heard alot of great stuff about all the Beyerdynamics phones

and pretty much all of the sennheiser HD ones. The bottom line is i'm kinda clueless...

You people seem like the brightest bunch around so i figured you could help me out :)


Love and kisses, yours truly, etc,etc

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hey there well for mixing purposes i would suggest the shure srh840/940 (whichever one fits your budget) 
they are incredibly detailed and isolate decently well, does not have much bass slam however
sennheiser HD5-- series and up is all open backed, may not be suited for out door use
the beyerdynamic DT770 is pretty neutral too with a slight 'V' curve (slightly boosted bass and treble, more suited for mordern/electro music)
what kind of music do you work with normally?

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Alternatively the KRK KNS8400 are great monitoring headphones. Probably the bass response is not as good as the shures, but they are very accurate

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Electronic music for the most part. Like minimal techno and such, but that might change. I'm just looking for the best

audio quality so if the closed back affects the quality negatively i'll get a pair with an open back.

As i said, i'll be using them in the studio at home as well.

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