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For Sale:
Twister Pear Buffalo 32S DAC Sabre ES9018 chip (RCA and XLR)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

RCA's are currently hooked up but the wires are there to install XLR as well. power light and signal light on front.  Works well, no issues.  DIY and well made (7/10 Audiogon scale, some light scratches--but otherwise OK--but since it's DIY-class, I rate as 7/10).


They rarely come up for sale, you can guess why.  I decided I need a pre-pro to cross-over to a syb.  I had to pay 3X this price for a DAC/Pre/pro to get close to this sound quality.


Best to use either RCA or XLR--but not both at same time.  Presently hooked up for RCA.


No PP fee.  Shipping anywhere in USA for $20 tracked and insured.  Outside USA, please contact me.




PS.  I also have a Monarchy 48/96 DIP--the best of these units they ever made.  $400 originally.  Sell for $175 + shipping.  PM me if interested. Thanks.

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