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Replacing broken TF10 IEMs?

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For several years, I've been happily using Ultimate Ears TF10s, reshelled by Unique Melody. These 'phones have served me well, but they've recently broken beyond repair.


I've been reading threads like crazy, but there are a ton of new brands and models to research. Which IEMs hit the value sweet spot? I picked up my TF10's on an Amazon Gold Box deal for $100 - should I buy a new pair of TF10s at the current price of $200, or does anyone make superior earphones in the <$300 (maaaaybe $400) range?


Thanks for your help, and happy holidays!

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Hm, that's a tough one. I would recommend the Heir 3.Ai if I had a pair myself as they sound like a better version of the TF10, but I haven't tried them.


Personally, I'd ask a couple of owners that have the TF10 and 3.Ai what their opinions are.


There are always other IEMs that could suit your needs (that I have experience with).


What genres do you listen to? Do you want another IEM with a "V" shaped sound signature?

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I would also recommend the Heir I just tried it on Saturday and I would say it sounds much like the tf10 except its sounds much cleaner and the treble and bass both extends much further. It also works with female voice much better tha the tf10, but it does sound like the tf10, just better.( I tried the tf10 universals, so I'm not sure what difference it makes.
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T-Peos H-100 Hybrid. Currently $120 shipped EMS direct from the manufacturer . Goes up to $150 end of this month.

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Originally Posted by H20Fidelity View Post

T-Peos H-100 Hybrid. Currently $120 shipped EMS direct from the manufacturer . Goes up to $150 end of this month.

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Thanks for the initial recommendations, everyone!


Regarding usage, I use my IEMs primarily for music (wide range of genres, including swing, blues, hip-hop, and indie rock) on public transit, and for television/movies on my laptop when away from home. I don't plan to use a portable amp.


The most important thing I'd like to add is that I am *not* looking for phones that match the TF10 sound signature. I'm not a super hardcore audiophile. I chose the TF10s because they were a steal at $100 back in '09; I'm looking for the 2012/2013 equivalent - IEMs that punch way above their weight class, the best value I can get in my price range.


Lastly, I'm not sure if this matters, but I will almost certainly have my new phones reshelled. I don't think I can go back to a universal fit.

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