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OK, well, a 500W amp is no joke. You won't be able to get a single-chip solution like you could for 80W or so and when a big amp goes wrong, it usually goes wrong more dramatically than a little one. 


You posted a link earlier to Rod Elliott's site for the the PSU, if you look on his site you'll find this:- http://sound.westhost.com/project68.htm, which is a 500W subwoofer amp.


20-30 lines down the page it says explicitly in large red lettering:-




You can get some help on diyaudio.com if you decide to push ahead.


I'd recommend that you buy the Dayton Plate amp though, and get your DIY fix by building a headphone amp or a gainclone. If you want something with a lot of parts, a discrete headphone amp.



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First, I agree (for once) with most of what waki has said and nikongod, too.


Second, if I was to build a speaker amp ... this is the one I'd do, without a doubt:



It's at least in your territory of power at 310W/channel into 4 ohms.  You might try PM'ng AMB or look him up on his forum.  He may have some specific recommendations for combined loads as low as 2 ohms.


It's still quite a bit to chew on if you haven't had a heck of a lot of experience with amplifier projects (that's probably an understatement).

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Not worried about death by amplifier. Everyone goes sometime and driving to work is dangerous too! The depth of a project like this also doesn't scare me. Patience is a powerful force. I looked at doing an AMB headphone amp a few months back, but school made it an impossibility. I'll likely do it in the next couple years though.

I really like the idea of chatting with AMB about extended capabilities of the b24, or his recommendation. Thanks! I'll update when progress is made. smily_headphones1.gif
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