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Two years in and my q-jays have given up on me, a bit gutted at the moment to say the least. As a result I'm in the market for a new pair of IEM's preferably with a mic a pretty low level of microphonic's, as will be used in the gym and on morning jogs. If it wasn't for the fact that I want a inbuilt mic, I would most likely have bought another pair of q-jays. Absolutely loved the sound quality from them, and they are still highly rated by many-from what I've read on here.


I have done some research over the past couple of weeks, looking at various threads on here, inc the extensive review thread by joker. Based on what I have read, I have dwindled it down to two IEM's; the Klipsch x10i and the Etymotic hf2. Both Can be had fro the same price of around £100 in the UK, roughly ~$160.


Based on my music taste and personal preferences I think I would prefer the extra bass of the x10i, but I'm not a fan of really boomy overpowering bass either.  


So whats the problem? Well I'm not really in a position to spend £100 on a pair of earphones at the moment, so I was wondering if you guys could  recommend a pair around £50/£60 mark. I would have gone for the MEElectronics A161P, but can't locate these in the UK. Well overstock have some but they're at ~£96!!


I am looking for a pair with a relatively small form factor, and something that can be worn straight down, don't really like wearing over ear bar from when in gym. 


Really do with some help guys, been tearing my hair out over this for a while now atsmile.gif



Thank you