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klipsch x10 vs Monster Turbine

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I'm looking to upgrade my Monster Turbines (the black ones), would the Klipsch be enough of an improvement to warrant the upgrade? They're only about 90 on Amazon currently. My sources are a US HTC One X and a Nexus 10. I listen to a collection of alternative rap, rock, and some reggae, mostly in either 256 or 320 kbps mp3. The biggest improvements I'm looking for are comfort soundstage and overall clarity, and would not use them at home (have hfi-580's for that).
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I've had both (the original turbine, the very first batch) and IMO X10 is much much better in every way.  The Turbines are large and heavy, hurts my ears after a while and feels cold when you put them in, in contrast the X10s are small and light and people don't even realize I have them on.  My only reservation is about the build quality but at 90 it is a worthwhile investment.  It also sounds much more spacious imo yet maintains the consumer friendly signature.  I don't think the bass on the X10 hits quite as hard but I doubt you'll miss it much.

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How do the X10s compare to Audeo PFE-012, if you've listened to those? Is the bass much greater, or is the difference somewhat minor? I'm looking for bass control and speed more than impact. Also, how are the highs in terms of separation and overall quality?

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I don't think X10s are what you need if you want audiophile level highs.  I am pretty sensitive to sibilance and the X10 was perfectly fine for me, that's what I mean by consumer friendly signature because it's tuned towards bass and non-fatiguing sound over resolution and exposing flaws in your relatively low bitrate mp3s (it's probably got some rolloffs at the high end).  I have no idea what the PFE sounds like though, but once you are willing to spend 100 you have a lot of options like the forum favorites such as GR07 and EPH 100

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Ya, I'd be fine with a little less bass. Are vocals much better?
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I ordered myself a pair of the X10s from Amazon and will be picking them up tomorrow. Ill give them a few hours of listen and tell you what I think of them on here if you like?

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I would really appreciate that personally.  The only thing stopping me from ordering them now (aside from the price of course) are the reports of their poor build quality.

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Thanks, that would be really helpful
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I can tell you right now, the only thing wrong with theyre build quality Ive seen from just youtube videos is the wire. It is very thin compared to some other IEMs, especially after the wire reaches the split. Other than that I know the driver housings are made of metal, and the strain relief supposedly begins to fray after awhile. 


I predict you wouldnt have issues as long as you arent tearing them out of your ears by the cable or anything.

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I found a great deal on a legit pair of used Pro Gold's. How would those compare to the x10? And does anyonone know if the warranty carries over if I have the original receipt, but from a different owner?
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Originally Posted by sfgiants2010 View Post

I found a great deal on a legit pair of used Pro Gold's. How would those compare to the x10? And does anyonone know if the warranty carries over if I have the original receipt, but from a different owner?

Im pretty sure, but dont hold me to it, that a thread has been posted here before about fake Turbines. Honestly if it were me I would not trust any 3rd party retailers as they may either be selling fakes or have voided the warranty somehow, if it even carries over.

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Ya, I saw all the comparison threads and thus one looks legit. He also sent a picture of the original receipt, so I think its safe
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They would be yours so I have no control over it, spend your money as you please. Personally I keep a "sealed in original packaging" sort of attitude.

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Ya, I think I'll actually just go for the x10 because they seem more comfortable, look less "blingy", and are still cheaper brand new. Is there any better option for under 100?
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So, I picked up my x10s about 3 hours ago from the post office and immediately started to use them. I'll do my best to give you a review here but keep in mind while reading this Ive never done a review before and for the most part have only about 3/4s of an idea what Im talking about.


Ok first off Ill start with the construction of the x10s. Out of the box the first thing I noticed is how unbelievable small they are. I watched some videos about these, reviews and unboxings, and they said they were small as well. But I did not think they would be THIS small. The driver housing is made of machined aluminum and the wire is connected with 2 part molded strain reliefs, which is where the whole splitting issue comes from. Over time I can forsee the 2 halves of the strain relief begin to peel apart from the seem. As I said before this would most likely be caused by misuse, pulling them out of your ear by the cable, laying down with them in your ear, that sort of thing. On tot he cable, it is VERY thin. The only thing I had around to compare it to is a pair of Shure SE215s that I picked for my dad for Christmas. The cable on the X10s is about half as thick as the SE215. Again this should not be an issue as long as they are used correctly, if it were to fail I predict it would happen at the point where the wire splits. 


The accessories included in the box are as follows. 


Of course the X10s.

1 Hard pleather carrying case with magnetic clasp. 

1/4 inch adapter.

Airline adapter.

3 pairs if single flange silicone tips, custom oval shape for the X10s. Small/Medium/Large, the medium pair comes pre-attached.

2 pairs of double flange silicone tips, again custom oval shaped. Small/Medium

Cleaning tool.


Out of the box the medium pair of single flange tips work perfectly for me, the seal is amazing they show no signs of falling out. I shook my head around and everything and they stayed in perfectly.


Onward to the sound, the source I used was a 7th Generation iPod nano with no amp. First thing I can say is that the bass is absolutely brilliant! I listen to alot of bass heavy dubstep and these IEMs gave it a perfect sound. The bass does not bleed into the mids as far as I can hear, and it is still powerful enough to give me that vibration feeling in my ears. The mids and highs were rich and well defined, especially the highs, when playing some of my Dubstep the high parts of the song did not sound shrill at all, but instead very clear. 


I also listen to some metal such as Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold. When listening to Metallicas song Sad But True, I noticed that the snare drums were very "in your face" in the intro to the song. But other than that it sounded quite good for my tastes.


I also auditioned the IEMs on a movie, my favorite at that, called October Sky. That movie being a drama it of course had one of those sad scenes where the rain is pouring down, and I swear I could hear every single rain drop as if I was there, same goes for the spoken parts of the movie. If it werent for the fact that I was watching it on a 1x2 inch screen I would say it felt like I was watching it in a theater.


Now the vocals on this IEM is one of the places they really shine. I dont have much to compare to but, compared to my V-Moda LP2s I felt like the vocals were more forward with the X10s, as if the vocals were placed on top of the backround music. With my LP2s it feels like the vocals are smashed in the middle and a little bit recessed.


Thats all I really have to say about them, they are great IEMs, they seem like they would do very well for travel because of their small size and tight, holding fit in the ear. I would definitely recommend them!


Songs used to audition:


  • Metallica - Sad But True
  • Obsidia - Different
  • Christopher Tin - Baba Yetu 
  • Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire
  • Korn - Coming Undone
  • Journey - Don't Stop Believing 

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