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I've been searching for pc gaming headset for a LONG TIME, too much infact. I've watch hunders of videos and threads from alot of forums and still didn't had the decision.
In the end I think I wolud buy a sound card and match him a good quailty headphones or a decent pair of cheap headset. (I prefer headset because of the mic).
I was looking on the asus xonar D1 7.1 sound card or the xonar DX 7.1 . which one is better?, can I get better one arround the same price (60£ = 90$) ?
And i still got 80£ (120$) to spend on headset which I dont know which to choose.
been thinking of the AD700 but I they are open headphones and sometimes my enviorment get really noisy so I probably need a closed set.
I was using the siberia v2 without the usb or any sound card, the have low build quailty broke after a year and the mic wasn't working.
I play fsp games and shooters like cs 1.6, CS GO COD and others that are competetive games where directional accurracy, positional audio and pin pointing your enemy is required.
If the headset will match the ps3 too its a bonus but not a must.
I'm buying the headphones/headset and the sound card in london IN NEXT WEEK...
Sorry if you getting hard to understand what i'm writing. I'm from israel and my english is pretty average.
10x for helping