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I'm looking to spend about $90-$130 on a new pair of cans or IEM's. I currently own DT770's, TMA-1's, as well as some Sony MDREX310LP's.


I love my DT770's but the only problem with that is that it's HUGE and I can't lug em around.


I don't really use my TMA-1's too much because, well, I'm not too fond of them.


Love my Sony IEM's but I can tell it's lacking in certain areas of sound.


That being said, I'm either looking for a set of headphones of either the Grado SR80i or ATH M-50S.


What I'm looking for are some opinions on some mid-level IEM's. If it's possible to have it have nice bass extension, soundstage, and a J-cord would be preferable. Soundstage is probably the most important to me.


Thanks in advance.