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Balanced Amp

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So one of my friends just got these speakers for free. If you look at the back panel, you will see that it only accepts a TRS and a 3 pin XLR in for a balanced setup. 


The problem is that he wants to go from his PC to these speakers for 200 bucks or less, and I have no idea what he could do other than get conversion cables and lose out on having a balanced setup. Do you guys have anything that can help him? 

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The TRS connection is apparently just those big phono style connectors. You could very easily get a 3.5mm to 6.35mm TRS connector for the PC.

The sound should be fine as I think they are made to be used for desktop style use in a smaller room.


I doubt very much you will need an amp to power them. I would say he invests in a good audio sound card though if he hasn't got one already.


Something like this:

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That adaptor is for headphones. While the TRS socket is just a large headphone plug, the wiring is for one speaker (one channel) not two channels like a headphone plug or socket. 


A TRS to RCA adaptor might work. However, it crosses the "-" with the ground channel, which may or may not cause issues. 


For these kinds of things, I bought an XLR to RCA adaptor that could be modified and removed the connection in it between the "-" and the ground as recommended for the gear I used. 

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If your friend knows someone who can do a little DIY work for him, have him get a pair of CineMag CMLI-15/15B transformers ( and wire them up as per the illustration on the right in this application note:


Note that in this application, the transformer's primary is used as the secondary and vice versa.


The adapter should be located as close to the speakers as possible. Two transformers, a couple of project boxes and some connectors should cost less than $200. 


It offers excellent performance as well as providing ground isolation between the computer and the amplifiers in the speakers.


Whichever route you choose, good luck!



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