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Where to go from PC360s

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Hi everyone!


I am new to these forums and I have just started getting into headphones.

I recently(about a month ago) purchased a headset for gaming, a Sennheiser PC360. I was really wowed by the sound quality and I am now looking for something for just music listening that is, hopefully, going to really amaze me again. 

I already have a decent soundcard, Asus Xonar Essence STX.

I don't have any amps or anything like that.


I have been looking at the HD650 and the AKG K702.

Any advice on these or any other suggestions would be very much appreciated.




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As far as i have heard, the 360 is pretty much a hd598 with a mic sound wise. What do you listen to, what kind of sound do you want? Any preferences on what aspects you weigh the most??

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I too have heard that. I have also heard arguments that it is more like the 555/558. 


Anyway, I listen to everything. I would say most often I listen to classic rock(think Pink Floyd to Phil Collins to Foreigner)  and electronic(Tangerine Dream and all of the new age stuff) music. 

As far as what kind of sound I want, I think I am looking for something that is pretty neutral. Again, I am pretty new to all of this so I don't really know how to describe it and I apologize for that. 


Aspects, I think I want over the ear. They don't need to be portable at all. Something under $400 would be nice.


Thanks for the reply!


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The HE-400, and later on a proper amplifyer. Then I'd say your gonna get a good glimpse of what hifi is. I do consider the HE-400, when well amped, to be somewhere between mid and hifi.


EDIT: With my HE-500 and a decent tube amp, I finally feel I can enjoy my music without any annoyances. For example the DT-880 is too sparkly in the treble for me. Also the soundstage and somewhat slowness/lack of detail of the drivers and etc. isn't really good enough for me to be satisfied. The HE-400 lacks some treble and 'naturalness'. The HE-500 is natural and fairly neutral. I consider it high-end

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Thank you very much for the reply!

I will definitely be doing some research on both the HE-400 and HE-500.


What would you consider a decent amp? I have no experience in any of this either. The one amp that I have read a little about and looked into is the Little Dot Mk III.


Again, any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated!




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The schiit asgard is often recommended. Personally I use a used x-can v8p
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