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are there any fake UE 900? - Page 2

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Given the UE900 is fairly new to the market, and the box is not even opened, why would a seller be dumping it already?  

Over thinking it perhaps. It's just a thing to him.

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just a kind reminder,

UE900s are sold in China for about 1800 RMB, from almost all the online retailers on TAOBAO.

Hope that helps.


Maybe I'm not reading it correctly, but looked through 5 pages on TAOBAO and lowest I saw was 1980RMB, and the majority priced at 2999RMB?

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Originally Posted by goodvibes View Post
 - Over thinking it perhaps. It's just a thing to him.


It's money to him.  A proliferation of unopened goods going much cheaper than retail, all of a sudden, with no sales tax. It could be legit, sure - but raises flags too.

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Why I said to use 'normal' caution and prehaps to ask for some history. I just don't think that it's a new in box ue900 makes it any more risky than some other purchase.

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i guess no

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I just want to confirm are there any fake ue 900 ....I found a ue 900 selling way less than half the retail price and the seller allows pick up

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Maybe it's like mine and the left speaker has a lot "tearing/scratching" on certain frequencies as soon as you go above 50% vol on my cowon.


Pi$*es me off! Only thing I hate about these!!


I am going to send a furious email to UE. I had the same issue with some UE700s too! Just saying, in hindsight if I had known of these issues -> i wouldnt have bought them. It's just that they are brilliant (if you exclude that problem). The catch is the problem is very bad. A bit like a drug, you know theres aspects that are bad, but it keeps you coming! hahahaha,

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no there is no fake

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I have a similar question. I found a pair of UE 900's for 1800 RMB or about 300 USD in a pretty reputable audio shop in China. My cousin bought all his audio gear there, including a $500 set of headphones with no problems so that place has some credibility to me. The box of the UE 900's is all in Chinese and I'm not sure about warranty. Do you guys think I should take it?  Is there any chance they could be fake?

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Bump, anyone?

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Do you see that as a sure sign they've been faked? I must admit I always check taobao if I want to know if a product has been cloned in China but the relatively high price made me think that they were probably genuine sellers.
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Saying that I have just got some ue900's from eBay and might just be being paranoid but have some reservations about qc. The sound seems too good for fakes though.
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