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For Sale: Sennheiser HD555

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For Sale:
Sennheiser HD555

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey guys, I’ve decided that with my new phones I have to clear out the rest, so here we go:


First are my Sennheiser HD555. Small crack on the left side; glued up and hasn’t been a problem since; apparently these often crack here. Also I changed them to be 3.5mm plug (vs. 6.25). Overall good condition, no sound issues. $50 >> $45 + shipping/paypal.


Second are my Grado 125. Good condition, rarely used, comes with yellow pads. Sold.


Third are my Grado 325is modded. Pictures are best to describe this but basically there’s now red mesh and I recabled it using 22AWG silver Teflon wire terminating into a ViaBlue 3.5mm plug all surrounded by a mesh sleeve. Sturdier wire, yes, but I feel they opened up. Also have the Headroom Black Manta headband, and three sets of pads (Bowls/l-cushs, tiny ones, and stock/comfies) ! Really unique pair and excellent Grado sound.

Sold. Meet my asking price and I’ll include the Fiio E5 pictured.


Lastly are my Darth Beyers V3 in Paduk. The situation here is a little more complex. The left side driver had some buzzing issues so I bought a lightly used pair and replaced it myself. Because of this you’ll get the Darth Beyers and a set of DT770 80ohm missing one driver. Here’s a simple breakdown of what would be included in this sale:

  • Darth Beyers V3
  • DT770 80ohm with one good driver
  • J$ Leather Pads
  • Almost brand new Stock DT770 pads and older stock pads (in fairly worn condition)
  • Leather pads from Q40
  • Stock DT770 case

Hopefully that breaks it down nice and simple. Overall the Darth’s are in good condition, sound is great (now!) however there is one nick on the one housing that I’ve been sure to include a good picture of. This nick doesn’t affect sound quality and is covered by any of the above pads so integrity is not compromised. $400 $350 $275 + shipping/paypal. Meet my asking price and I’ll include the Fiio E7 pictured (slight burn/scratch but 100% functional) OR Digizoid ZO2 (not pictured, but it's all there).


Thanks for your interest!

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PM Sent

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Apparently I can only send 2 PMs a day. I'll take the Sennheisers! What's your Paypal address?

- Charles

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